Domestic Water Chiller System

In the scorching heat of summer, no one wants to use hot water coming through the taps at home. Imagine taking a shower on the hottest day to cool down a bit but only to find blazing water coming through the shower. As the temperature soars, the water in the supply lines gets warmer to use. To make the water usable, the use of a domestic water chiller system is no less than a blessing. The water chillers by Es Em International can cool the water up to 1000 gallons to an adjustable temperature. The chiller automatically turns off as the water cools down to the fixed temperature.

  • Ideal for villas, hotels, residential complexes, mosques, gyms, and others
  • Heavy Duty Compressor
  • Compact Design
  • Integrated Centrifugal Circulation pumps
  • Easy installation & maintenance
  • Adjustable time-display
  • durable
  • Es Em International is one of the leading suppliers of reliable water refrigeration & cooling products in UAE. Whether you need a new water chiller for domestic use or commercial use, reach out to us at Es Em International.