Commercial Water Chiller System

To meet the high demand, most industries prefer to use a commercial water chiller system by Es Em International in UAE. Commercial or industrial water chillers are designed to maintain the temperature of water in large quantities to meet industrial demand. Industries such as food & beverages, pharmaceuticals, mechanical works, and many other options for commercial water chillers to work under challenging conditions and meet the high demand. As compared to domestic chillers, industrial or commercial water chillers are designed to last for a long time and are highly powered.

  • Ideal for factories, industries, labor camps, and others
  • Heavy Duty Compressor
  • Compact Design
  • Integrated Centrifugal Circulation pumps
  • Easy installation & maintenance
  • Adjustable time-display
  • Durable
  • Es Em International is a market player when it comes to supplying commercial water chillers to various industries in UAE. If you are looking for a reliable commercial water chiller system reach out to us and get complete information about pricing and specifications.