Maintenance Tips for water coolers

Maintenance of a water cooler is highly important to ensure the consumption of clean and healthy water. The water tank inside the cooler tends to get dirty with the presence of tiny dust particles in the supply of water. Whether you have a Water cooler industrial or a domestic unit, you need regular maintenance to speed up its performance. And to be honest, it is not a big deal. You can easily do it yourself without any help. In this post, we have gathered some tips to help you maintain the performance of your water cooler.

Keep It Clean

First of all, clean the water cooler at least once a month. To clean, unplug the cooler from the socket and fill the tank with a cleaning product. You can buy the cleaning product from the market or make your mixture of water and vinegar. Use the product to clean the outer casing to remove stains and watermarks. Add the mixture to the water in the tank and leave it for a while. Remove the water from the tank after 15 minutes and clean the tank with soft linen. For the back of the machine, use a vacuum cleaner to clear away the dust.

Empty the drip tray

The water coolers have drip trays to catch the occasional spills. If left unattended for a long time, they could get dirty and overflow. It is quite easy to remove the drip tray so remove and clean it every week. Use a detergent to get rid of stubborn dust and stains.

Clean the surrounding area

A water cooler can perform better if it is placed in a clan place. For instance, if it is placed close to plants and bushes, it could catch more dirt, leaves, small branches, etc. the surrounding area of the cooler could get muddy with water spills. Staying in a wet place for a long could cause electrical faults in the water cooler. So make sure to place the cooler in a dry and ideally, shaded place.

Sanitize the water cooler

Sanitize the internal tank to get rid of bacterial contamination inside the cooler. Supplying unclean water in the cooler could cause contamination which ultimately affects the user. Sanitizing the water once in three months is advised to ensure the consumption of healthy and clean drinking water. In case, if your water cooler is unable to resume its performance, you may need to call a mechanic to check for repairs. However, if you are looking for a new water cooler or Water chillers for buildings, reach out to us at Es Em International. We are one of the leading water cooler and water chiller supplying companies in Dubai with a wide range of appliances.

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